Prevent cravings at lunchtime: Smoked salmon with wholemeal spelled pasta

A recipe every Sunday: Nutrition coach Marcus Schall tells us his favorite salmon recipes every Sunday in Advent. Whether for breakfast, Midday- or dinner - he provides us with the best tips for a healthy and balanced diet in this high-calorie time.

Marcus Schall has been working with us for several years. He reports in an interview today, what makes a good lunch and tells us his favorite lunch recipe.

Marcus, after you gave us a great recipe for salmon scrambled eggs in the last post – what actually makes a good lunch?

Marcus: Like every meal, lunch should be as balanced as possible – unless a special diet is followed or a specific nutritional philosophy is in place. A good lunch contains all the relevant main nutrients (also called macronutrients) in a suitable relation to each other. protein, Carbohydrates and fats should be in roughly equal parts at lunch. But the micronutrients are also important: Vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Our body gets this best from fresh vegetables, your bundle, all the better. This is also important for an intact immune system. companies, who offer plenty of fresh, high-quality vegetables in their canteens, have a significantly reduced sick leave rate. This is also because, that most average eaters are most likely to consume vegetables at lunchtime. Last but not least, it is important, that the lunchtime meal contains some fiber, as these ensure a long-term feeling of satiety - so we can get through the afternoon without cravings. It's clear, that lunch shouldn't be particularly difficult. Fatty meat with cheese gratin is therefore not recommended. An example of a good and balanced lunchtime meal: A small colorful salad as a starter and then grilled salmon fillet with wholegrain rice and grilled seasonal vegetables.

And then? rest or 1.000 do steps?

Good question! 🙂 Both are good and recommended. Anything is definitely better than the “cigarette afterwards”. But everyone should decide that for themselves. The midday rest is certainly not enough in our modern society. So who has the opportunity, should actually do this. Incidentally, the short switch off is also mentally very refreshing. Anyone who works in the office and therefore has no opportunity for a "power nap"., should move a bit, preferably in the fresh air.

What's your quick and easy lunchtime recipe?

Luckily we work from home quite a lot and sometimes eat lunch with our little son. He likes noodles very much. If the wish for it is expressed again, there is his beloved "Schlurfnoodles" (Spaghetti) for example with smoked salmon and peas. We usually use spelled wholemeal pasta for this, since spelled as an ancient grain variety is much better tolerated than industrially overbred wheat.

Our readers will be particularly interested in the recipe…

For delicious spaghetti in salmon cream sauce 4 you need people:

  • 1 small onion
  • 2 Cup of cream
  • 500 g Spaghetti, for example spelled wholemeal pasta
  • unprocessed rock salt or sea salt (very little or no salt is needed for the sauce, since the fish is already salty and the salt is released into the sauce. Definitely try before salting.)
  • 2 x smoked salmon from Wechsler
  • 250 g frozen peas
  • juice ½ lime

Remove the peel from the onion, chop finely and sauté briefly. Add the cream and for 12 bis 14 Simmer gently for minutes, until the cream becomes a little thicker. At the same time, prepare the noodles according to the instructions. Remove the smoked salmon from the package and cut into small pieces and add to the sauce along with the peas and lime juice. Everything again for 1 Simmer gently for a minute. Enjoy your meal!

By the way: Marcus also offers nutrition-related workshops and lectures for companies, for example on topics such as “active immune strengthening” or “performance on the job”. All information can be found on his website.

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Picture of Nutrition professional Marcus Schall

Nutrition professional Marcus Schall

The topics of sport and nutrition have accompanied me since my early youth and are inextricably linked to this day. I have always been particularly interested in the connections between food selection and performance. Over the years I have had these issues, also due to numerous stays abroad, studied more and more extensively and developed my own nutritional philosophy from it.

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