Tips from the nutritionist: Start the day with salmon scrambled eggs

A recipe every Sunday: Nutrition coach Marcus Schall tells us his favorite salmon recipes every Sunday in Advent. Whether for breakfast, Midday- or dinner - he provides us with the best tips for a healthy and balanced diet in this high-calorie time.

Marcus Schall has been working with us for several years. In the interview he talks about his work as a nutrition coach, our cooperation and reveals, which breakfast really gets him going.

Marcus, you work as a nutrition coach. What exactly are you doing there??

Marcus: It differs from coach to coach. The focus of my work is currently in competitive sports, especially in the Olympic sports. In the team area, I look after the German Kayak Four and the Germany Eight. With the support of partners such as Wechsler, I have implemented a new supply concept for the athletes. I also work in motorsport and, among other things, look after the AMG Performance Team HRT. In the field of individual athlete support, I work with Mario Götze, among others, Gina Lückenkemper, Gesa Felicitas Krause, Eric Frenzel and David Storl. My main focus is on optimizing their basic nutrition. Increase in food quality, Upgrading of nutrient density and nutrient utilization, Improving the ability to regenerate and strengthening the immune system are central points in my approach. All based on real and naturally functional food, i.e. without the use of dietary supplements.

What is your cooperation with us??

As with all foods, the quality of the salmon also plays a very important role. I found a partner in Wechsler, who accepts just as few compromises as I do. Excellent quality, great range and really nice people, who are passionate about it - a perfect match, as the saying goes! I met the managing director Theo Jansen at an organic trade fair a few years ago and it was a hit right away. Wechsler has been promoting individual programs and projects as part of the base supply for some time, such as the Germany eight. The athletes receive fresh salmon products every month. I am particularly grateful for the sponsorship of projects in the less well-funded Olympic sports. Without the generous support of partners like Wechsler, athlete care would not be possible at such a high level.

What does your ultimate power breakfast look like??

There is no such thing as THE ultimate power breakfast or THE right diet. Diet depends on too many factors for that. I like to vary my breakfast. I often eat fresh Bircher muesli with grated apple and yoghurt – a quick breakfast, that is also good to take away. But I also like to treat myself to a delicious scrambled egg with fresh smoked salmon. This breakfast variation is suitable for everyone, who consume fewer carbohydrates and still want to be full for a long time.

Can you tell us the scrambled egg recipe??

And it's clear, for two servings you need:

  • 1 small onion
  • oil for frying (for example ghee, Ayurvedic clarified butter)
  • 4 – 5 Owner
  • 1 Pack of Wechsler Smoked Salmon

Then proceed as follows:

  • Remove skin from onion, Cut into small cubes and put in a hot pan with oil. Steam on low.
  • Put the eggs in a bowl, Mix with a fork and add to the pan, simmer on a low level.
  • Cut the salmon into small pieces and stir into the eggs during the last third of the cooking time.

By the way: Marcus also offers nutrition-related workshops and lectures for companies, for example on topics such as “active immune strengthening” or “performance on the job”. All information can be found on his website.

Would you like to try the recipe yourself?? Then get our delicious salmon straight home now. Here is ours Shop.

Nutrition professional Marcus Schall

Nutrition professional Marcus Schall

The topics of sport and nutrition have accompanied me since my early youth and are inextricably linked to this day. I have always been particularly interested in the connections between food selection and performance. Over the years I have had these issues, also due to numerous stays abroad, studied more and more extensively and developed my own nutritional philosophy from it.

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