Tradition, that you taste.

Tradition, that you taste.

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Premium Fish Specialties


Specialist trade specialities


Organic fish specialties

We make no compromises when it comes to quality

Unlike the usual one, industrial fumigation, we rely on craftsmanship in our production as before 100 years. With us, each fish is traditionally and gently salted by hand before the smoking process and then whole, and not as a finished fillet, smoked. This is how the unmistakable light smoky note and the soft and juicy consistency are created, who takes care of it, that the fish melts in your mouth. After smoking, the fish are carefully filleted by hand.

When smoking traditional, modern in packaging: Through the so-called MAP packaging (MAP = Modified Atmosphere Packaging) results in a significantly longer shelf life, so you can store our sealed products for up to three weeks – But honestly, who can resist for so long?


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That's what makes us

We are a family business, who has been for over 60 relies on the finest incense craftsmanship for years. Tradition is very important to us, which is why we still like our fish 100 Smoked traditionally by hand for years.

We are not a trading house, but a German manufacturer from Erftstadt, who are still in 18 Altona ovens smoke - for best quality.

Our own brands

Wechsler premium fish-specialities

Wechsler's No 1

Premium smoked fish of the best quality.
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Wechsler Biofish-

Wechsler Bio

Our premium organic smoked fish.
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Highest quality - exclusively in organic stores.
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From the Atlantic to Erftstadt:
That's how it works with us

Delivery routes, Smoking process and sale: Learn more here, how our products get from their place of origin to the market.

Delivery process

This is how the goods from the far north come to us in Erftstadt.

Smoking process

Our goods are traditionally smoked and processed by hand.

Ordering process

You can order our goods online and enjoy them at home.

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Wechsler Feinfisch GmbH

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Wild way 6 / Commercial area D-50374 Erftstadt-Friesheim

Telephone: 02235 - 79917-0 | fax: 02235 - 79917-30

Opening hours of our factory outlet:

Mon.-Fri. 08:00 - 16.00 clock continuously

They want to buy our products in the supermarket around the corner? Ask your REWE- or EDEKA market to Wechsler or in your organic specialist shop to BioMare. Our products are available in most branches.