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who are we?

Two so-called Altona ovens stood in the eel smokehouse, the Joseph Wechsler 1960 acquired in Cologne. That was the cornerstone of our company. Today we run it in the second generation, but the third one is also actively involved. Around 80 qualified, Committed employees are the capital of our growing company. The two have meanwhile become eighteen Altonaer ovens, the course, as far as emission control is concerned, are state of the art.
For us, these stone ovens are a piece of cultural history, that we care about. As one of very few companies, we have preserved the unique taste of this traditional smoking method. Last but not least, real beech wood fires blaze in our ovens.

family business since 1960

We are still a family today and are now running the company in the second generation.

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We make no compromises when it comes to quality

Unlike the usual one, industrial fumigation, we rely on craftsmanship in our production as before 100 years. With us, each fish is traditionally and gently salted by hand before the smoking process and then whole, and not as a finished fillet, smoked. This is how the unmistakable light smoky note and the soft and juicy consistency are created, who takes care of it, that the fish melts in your mouth. After smoking, the fish are carefully filleted by hand.

When it comes to packaging, on the other hand, we rely on the latest technology. The so-called MAP packaging results in a significantly longer shelf life, so you can enjoy our products sealed up to 3 can keep for weeks, if you can resist that long.

Our quality features at a glance

Traditional incense

Smoking in the stone oven over an open beech wood fire with juniper berries.

Highest quality

Use of the best raw materials with firm muscle meat.

hand filleting

Meticulous hand filleting.

hand salting

Gentle salting by hand over a long period of time with a low salt concentration.

State-of-the-art technology

Use of the latest packaging technology: MAP (modified protective atmosphere) to achieve a significantly longer shelf life and even better presentation and handling of the goods for retail, gastronomy and consumers.

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contact person

Theo Jansen

Managing directors

Telephone: 02235/79917-0
Email: distribution[at]wechsler.eu

Jurgen Faust

sales management

Telephone: 02235/79917-33
Email: distribution[at]wechsler.eu

Felix Jansen

Assistant to the management

Telephone: 02235/79917-0
Email: purchasing[at]wechsler.eu

Mirsad Alijagic

Quality management and IT officer

Telephone: 02235/79917-36
Email: quality[at]wechsler.eu

Steffi Bresch


Telephone 02235/79917-11
Email: an order[at]wechsler.eu

Gudrun Bierkamp


Telephone: 02235/79917-12
Email: an order[at]wechsler.eu

Nicole Habel


Telephone: 02235/79917-10
Email: an order[at]wechsler.eu

Do you already know our online shop??

Order your favorite products from the comfort of your own home. We deliver Tuesdays to Fridays via DPD Express in insulated refrigerated packaging. Your goods will arrive safely and well-chilled.

Our partnerships

We are a proud partner and member of the SGF D8 Performance Food Program and Wholesale Association Foodservice.

Wholesale Association Foodservice

Since over 10 For years we have been an active supporting member of the German wholesale association Foodservice. With this we support the German Cash + Carry and delivery wholesale with a daily fresh and convenient delivery.

Further information on the Großhadelsverband Foodservice can be found under the following link:

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SGF D8 Performance Food Programm

Since the beginning 2019 we are partners of the SGF D8 Performance Food Program and thus support the Germany eight with a healthy and balanced diet .

We send a selection of our products at regular intervals, mainly smoked salmon and smoked trout, to the rowing training center in Dortmund, where the rowing team is provided with healthy and performance-enhancing meals every day in coordination with Marcus Schall.

The nutrition of the team plays an essential role, especially during the intensive preparation for the Olympics. With lots of high-quality protein and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, our smoked fish products are an ideal addition to athletes' diets. By the way, it all tastes really good!

Further information on the nutrition program of the Germany eight can be found under the following link:

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